DLS Updates – Supporting One Another and Congratulations to Ee Kee

Supporting One Another and Congratulations to Ee Kee

It has been a rocky start to 2020 for many as Australia continues to experience droughts, floods, fires and more recently, the threat of the coronovirus.

Notwithstanding these adversities, communities have come together to support one another.

"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support

So, as we look to the year ahead and the new decade that we have just embarked upon, we take this opportunity to:-

- thank you, our clients, for your support - we look forward to being a continued source of support for you in the next decade and more;

- thank the staff at DLS for their hard work and dedication.

We also take the opportunity to congratulate our Ee Kee Ng on being promoted to the level of Senior Associate.

Ee Kee started with the DLS Team back in 2006, took time off to start her family and then returned to DLS in 2016.

Ee Kee specialises in general commercial and residential property law including sales, purchases and development, commercial leasing, subdivision, business acquisition and disposal and general corporate/commercial legal advisory issues. Ee Kee also has experience in various aspects of Estate Planning.

Ee Kee goes about her work in a calm, efficient and no-nonsense manner which is much appreciated by our clients and staff.

When Ee Kee is not utilising her legal skills (and caring for her children!), you can find her enjoying a good book and quality food.