DLS Updates – Firm Article April 2018

Looking forward to the next 90 years

As many of you know, this year David Landa Stewart Lawyers celebrates its 90th year of continuous service to the community. Ninety years is a very significant milestone for any business – by any stretch of the imagination and it is an incredible achievement we are very proud of.

While we celebrate our past, we are also looking to the future to ensure the firm continues well beyond 90 years. In March, the firm held its inaugural DLS Strategy Day.

During our Strategy Day, we took the time to pause and reflect on what we are doing at David Landa Stewart Lawyers and ways that we can do things even better.

We looked at the challenges and opportunities ahead for not only the business, but for our team members personally, and together we developed an outline for our ‘painted picture’. The DLS Team deemed the Strategy Day a success which made the event even more worthwhile.

One issue which arose during the Strategy Day was that our clients may not be aware of the various areas of law we practise in. So, in the coming newsletter editions, we will be introducing you to the DLS Lawyers Team and the areas of law they specialise in.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us the way we have grown to know you so we can fulfil our goal to be your Legal Advisors for Life.