Disputes with Franchisors

Disputes with Franchisors

Under The Franchising Code of Conduct (“Code”), all franchise agreements entered into after 1 October 1998 must include the dispute resolution procedures set out in the Code, which states that:

• the complainant writes to the "respondent" (the person that you are disagreeing with) explaining the nature of the dispute, your desired outcome and how this can be achieved;

• if you still can't solve the dispute within a period of time, either party can refer the dispute to a mediator;

• if you can't agree on a suitable mediator, you can ask the Office of the Mediation Adviser to arrange this;

• both parties share the costs of the mediation;

• despite this procedure, either of you can also take legal action if you want to.

Where can I get help?

There are many complicated issues related to franchising. Because of this the Franchising Code of Conduct makes it compulsory for a franchisee to get proper professional advice before signing any franchise agreement.

We can:

• draft and advise on franchise documents; and

• act in disputes regarding franchises.

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