Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates

Your marital status, financial status, the nature of your assets (and liabilities), and the financial security of the proposed beneficiaries of your estate can have an important impact on the effective planning of your estate.

We have the commercial legal background and the experience in drafting wills and other documents to determine the best solution to make sure that you protect both your assets and your family and friends and allocate your assets upon your death in the most appropriate manner.

We also have extensive experience in the administration of estates and contested estates litigation. This gives us a very practical understanding of these issues.

Obligations under the law to family members and other dependants also need consideration and for some people the tax consequences of the succession process are critical.

Our lawyers can work closely with financial advisers and tax experts to investigate the regulations and issues surrounding your estate plan and work with you to make sure that you understand the implications. We can:

  • draft wills or advise on current wills
  • set up testamentary trusts
  • prepare and register powers of attorney
  • prepare enduring guardianships
  • keep safe custody of your will
  • advise on superannuation aspects relating to your estate planning
  • administer estates
  • advise beneficiaries on entitlements under a will
  • defend or make claims upon an estate under the Succession Act (NSW)

We can also provide trustee services or executorial services if required.

Click here for a PDF information sheet about estate planning issues.

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