When and How are the Assets Distributed under a Will?

When and how are the assets distributed under a Will?

First, a grant of probate must be obtained (See our separate Grants of Probate document).

When all assets have been identified and, if necessary, sold to raise cash, and all debts have been paid, the remainder of the estate can then be distributed to the beneficiaries after the executor has published a notice requiring anybody with a claim against the estate to provide particulars of the claim within the specified period - not less than one month.

The executor should prepare a distribution report and statement which is available for the beneficiaries – to show what the assets were, how much money resulted from any sale of assets and what expenses and debts were paid from the proceeds.

Where an executor is applying to the court for commission for his/her administration, detailed accounts must also be filed with the Probate Registry and all payments and receipts by the executor properly approved.

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