What if I already have a Will?

What if I already have a Will?

We would strongly recommend that you review your Will and other estate planning documents every 3-5 years.

Not only the law changes, but your personal circumstances and relationships change.

For instance, you may wish to review your Will if:

  • persons nominated in your Will as beneficiaries have died;
  • persons nominated in your Will as executors, or guardians for minor children have died or become incapacitated, or moved overseas rendering their appointment as impractical;
  • you have inherited substantial assets;
  • you wish to incorporate testamentary trusts into your Will to provide greater flexibility and protection for your beneficiaries;
  • you wish to add, change or eliminate certain gifts to beneficiaries;
  • specific items referred to in the Will have been sold (such as a share portfolio or real estate);
  • you have acquired other assets that you wish to leave to specific persons;
  • you have had additional children;
  • you or one of your beneficiaries have separated or divorced (or expect this to occur in the near future);
  • you or one of your beneficiaries have married, re-married, or entered into a de facto relationship;
  • financial circumstances of beneficiaries have changed;
  • one of your beneficiaries is now bankrupt or experiencing financial difficulties;
  • you have recently established or wound up a family trust, company or other related entity and this needs to be considered in the context of your Will;
  • one of your beneficiaries has become ill or incapable of managing their own affairs;
  • you have entered into a new business and this also needs to be considered in the context of your Will;
  • you wish to deal with your superannuation benefits through your Will;
  • there is a personal dispute with a current executor or beneficiary.

In addition, there may be legal and tax reasons why your current Will should be updated. Our Wills and Estate Lawyers bring expertise, experience, practicality, sensitivity and clarity to your circumstances.

We act in the preparation of Wills and other estate planning documents (including superannuation nominations), administration of estates, and estates disputes. We draw on our experience built up over decades of helping people just like you.

We can help you construct an effective Will, estate plan, or multi-generational plan and offer advice on the legal and practical implications of your wishes. We can also keep things current, in line with changes in your needs and the law.

You can even appoint one of our directors as executor of your Will or trustee of your estate, to ensure your instructions are carried our professionally and compassionately.

We will cost-efficiently help you take the most effective steps to give you confidence in your and your family's future.

Please call us if you wish us to review your Will and other estate planning documents.

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