Planning and Environment

Planning and Environment

David Landa Stewart has significant experience and expertise working for public sector and private sector clients ranging from local councils, property developers, owner/builders and major companies.

We have not only acted for clients involved in property development but also those affected by them – such as adjoining owners.

In addition to utilising legal expertise from across the firm, our lawyers work together with a panel of barristers and a range of external professionals such as town planners, architects, geotechnical specialists, heritage consultants, environmental consultants, property valuers and hydraulic engineers to provide advice on issues as required.

At DLS we can assist with the following:

  • review and assess proposed development plans to iron out possible "issues"
  • advice on preparation of development applications, rezoning applications and consolidation applications
  • dealing with council and neighbour objections on behalf of developers and interested parties
  • representation at council and neighbourhood meetings
  • interpretation and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations
  • court appearances
  • expert evidence

Within these broad areas, we offer advice on issues including:

  • environmental protection and policy
  • developments and planning activity
  • state planning policy
  • contamination issues
  • community groups – advice, liaison and negotiation
  • environmental audits
  • heritage and conservation listings and regulations