Family Law

Family Law

Lawyers at David Landa Stewart understand that all families are different and everyone reacts to a breakdown of a relationship in a different way.

Negotiating a parenting plan or property settlement with your ex-partner can be a tremendously emotional and difficult experience.

We are here to support you in settling your matter at the earliest possible opportunity without compromising your rights or your needs. We also understand that not all matters can be settled, especially where you and your ex-partner are seeking different arrangements. In those cases, we are here to guide you through the Court system.

Prior to the commencement of or during your relationship, we can assist with drafting or reviewing a Binding
Financial Agreement (commonly known as pre-nups) which state how property will be divided in the event of a future separation, thereby avoiding Court altogether.

We can advise you on a range of family law matters, including:

  • providing legal advice on the implications of separation either prior to separation occurring or after
  • formalising amicable agreements such as seeking Consent Orders from the Court
  • representing you at Mediation
  • negotiating property settlements or arrangements for the care of children between parties without having to go to Court
  • advising you of your rights and obligations arising from child support and Binding or Limited Child Support Agreements
  • negotiating agreements between parties entering into a relationship or marriage
  • advising on various issues under the Property (Relationships) Act including de facto and same sex couples and others in a domestic relationship
  • working with other experts, including accountants, to understand your circumstances and to obtain expert evidence where required
  • representing you in Court proceedings relating to divorce, property settlement, maintenance and parenting issues
  • managing and/or disposing of jointly held assets
  • drafting Binding Financial Agreements to confirm arrangements in the event of a breakdown of the relationship or finalise division of property following a relationship without Court involvement
  • drafting and advising you on Sperm Donor Agreements