DLS Updates – Congratulations Tallulah Rosicky

Congratulations to our Tallulah Rosicky

We are pleased to announce that our Tallulah Rosicky has renewed her practising certificate and has been promoted from Paralegal to a Lawyer in our Wills and Estates Planning Team.

Tallulah completed her Bachelor of Laws with the University of Wollongong in 2012 and was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2013.  At this time, Tallulah joined DLS and supported the DLS Litigation Team until approximately 2015 when she decided to take a step back to focus on her family and teaching martial arts.

In 2019, Tallulah returned to DLS and has provided exceptional support to the Wills and Estates Team and to our clients.  We look forward to her contribution to the Wills and Estates Team and our clients in her new role as a Lawyer.

When Tallulah is not in the office, rumour has it you may find her down the South Coast walking along the beach with her four beautiful rescue dogs.